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Comes with heavy 350gramm Cover und Lyric sheet.

A few years ago, someone invented the term “Streetpunk”, maybe to avoid being labelled as an Oi! Band or maybe to earn more points on a “Street-Creditbility” level. Then someone invented “Streetcore” to bring some Hardcore elements in. Since then a lot of Bands told us their music was “Streetpunk” or “Streetcore”, so now these terms seem more weak and uninspired than anything else. It’s bad if you want to describe the sound of AGGRESSIVE, because “Streetcore” would fit their sound perfectly: G.B.H.-like Hardcore Punk combined with New York Hardcore elements…SICK OF IT ALL or WARZONE come to mind, same as newer bands such as CONCRETE ELITE. “Stick Together” is the bands second album after their debut “Spit Blood” and the band has made a few line up changes, but no worries, singer Daniel is still the “aggressive” front man a band called “AGGRESSIVE” needs to have. If you like bands such as BONCRUSHER, DISCIPLINE or HARDSELL, listen to these boys from the Ruhr Area in Germany!


A1 Deep Inside
A2 Overdose
A3 Stick Together
A4 Black Red Gold
A5 Deine Liebe
A6 Resist
A7 False Media

B8 Pressure
B9 For The Wild Ones
B10 Parasite
B11 Hipster
B12 Amok
B13 Goodbye

Press info:
– 200 x gold/blue splatter
– 212 x solid black
– 44 x black vinyl with extra handnumbered Gold on black screenprinted Cover (band only edt.)
– 44 x black vinyl with extra handnumbered Black on white screenprinted Cover

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Black, Blue Splatter